Our theme this year is Scrum and Innovation.

We intend to present a bird’s eye-view of Scrum and the product development world, with an emphasis on innovation, primarily incremental product innovation. A wide range of talks (see agenda) provide depth as well as breadth, of the state-of-the-Art.

What you can look forward to:

  1. Talks by the country’s most experienced coaches and consultants
  2. A wonderful networking opportunity with high quality attendees
  3. Open-Space will provide an opportunity to participate in moderated in-depth discussions
  4. A couple of hands-on activities (not just lectures) which will take you to some depth

Further: As this is going to be a small gathering, everyone will have a chance to put their view across and talk to experts. We aim to make power-ful points, with or without powerpoint. It veers towards sticky notes and face to face communication. Hopefully the notes you make will be sticky, and the contacts you make as well.


  • Welcome and Introductions
    (15 min Srinivas C: www.scrumcoach.co.in)
  • Innovation in the Industry
    (15 min Srinivas C)
  • Keynote on Innovation and Scrum
    (30 min Tathagat Verma, Thoughtleadership)
  • Tea/Coffee Break
  • Design Thinking
    (30 min Partho Guha - Co-founder of Elephant Design)
  • Open-Space: Participative Activity (1 hour)
  • Open-space outcomes Presentations (30 min)
  • Lunch
  • Facilitated Sessions (Two tracks) - 2 hours
    • Track A: User Stories Advantage for innovation
    • Track B: Coaching software develpment groups
    Tea/Coffee Break
  • Scrum and Business Alignment
    Nilotpal (30 min)
  • What have we learnt? Do we have some answers and some food for thought?
  • ZLightning Talk (3 X 5 min)
  • Vote of Thanks
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We shall hold an Open Space dedicated to Scrum and innovation. Attendees come to the opening session with issues or ideas they want to discuss and post them on a wall with a time to meet. These are then discussed by attendees who are interested during the Open Space. You can come with any idea/issue related to better ways of working, better environments or/and innovation.

How OpenSpace Works

OpenSpace is a small set of rules that allow groups of people to interact in a simple, productive, organized way to create valuable dialogs that address the participants' most important issues.

The Fundamental "Rules" of the sessions that happen during OpenSpace conferences are:

  • Whoever shows up is the right group
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • When it's over, it's over…. Well here it is time-boxed

Srinivas Chillara

Srinivas is the Principal consultant at CeeZone Consulting. He is the first independent Scrum coach in the country and has helped many companies adopt Scrum and Test Driven Development. Srinivas has about 20 years of ICT and software development experience, some of it brilliant, yet some other of it mind-numbing, much of it pedestrian and a tiny bit disastrous, he has been penning his thoughts about and around Scrum at www.ceezone.wordpress.com

Tathagat Verma

Tathagat Varma (aka TV) is the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership, is a leading light of the Agile movement in India and author of "Agile Product Development". He writes by far the most informative and popular blog on such matters at www.managewell.net. TV is a software professional by education, computer scientist by accident, HR student by interest, digital influencer by night, servant leader by conviction, and a first-time author… In short, someone who never managed to become an expert because he was always busy learning new things.

Partho Guha

Graduated from faculty of Visual Communication of National Institute of Design (India) in 1989 he specializes in corporate branding, brand communication and experiential design projects. Over the years Partho has helped in formulating brand and innovation strategy for a diverse set of clients in pharmaceuticals, automotive, banking, engineering, FMCG. Notable projects include Electronica, Bilcare, Goodknight, Bajaj Auto Limited, Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. On several occasions Partho has presented at various education and professional forums on design, user centric innovation and Indian culture. Partho is an avid painter and his work has been selected for the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

Nilotpal Das

A TOGAF Enterprise Architect Nilotpal provides inward focus and perspective to enterprises through enterprise solution architecting and engineering excellence. has been writing about innovation and Business IT alignment for a few years. Having been with Microsoft previously, he is working with Novartis at Hyderabad. Intriguingly he is also a flash fiction writer. Ask him about 347.

Vijay Wade

Vijay is the Siemens India expert for Scrum and more broadly agile, also associate with CeeZone Consulting, with over 15 years in the ICT industry. He is one of the most experienced coaches in the country and has dealt with quite a few unusual transitions.

Sunil Roy

Sunil is a very enthusiastic coach from the Nokia lineage and is very knowledgeable indeed. He has helped many many projects to transition to the Scrum way of working and has around 15 years of experience.

Payal Dev

Payal is a coach working with CeeZone Consulting and has been a Scrum proponent for many years. She has seen many situations and taken on many roles at senior levels.

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