We intend to present a bird’s eye-view of Scrum/Agile and also give space for moderated in-depth discussions of interest to the software development community. The country’s most experienced coaches and trainers will be there to exchange views and provide guidance.

A wide range of talks, accessible to all (see agenda). A specialty this time are workshops:
on "Scrum for senior management"(possibly trying to cross the chasm), providing context and a view into the changing world of knowledge work; and a workshop on "User story mapping".
Further: as this is going to be a small gathering, everyone will have a chance to put their view across and talk to experts. We aim to make power-ful points, with or without powerpoint. It veers towards sticky notes and face to face communication, unless the topic is technical in nature. Hopefully the notes you make will be sticky.


  • Welcome - 15 min - Srinivas Chillara
  • Inside-out perspective (15 min) - Srinivas Chillara
  • Invited talks:
    • Forming Self-organising teams (30 min) - Rahul Joshi
    • Lean-Startup (30 min) - Sunil Roy
    • Triz for problem solving (30 min) - Gautam K
    • CI and CD (30 min) - Rajat Singhal
  • Scaling Scrum - Panel Discussion: In search of missing links (45 to 60 min)
  • Open Space (90 min) Topics selected at run time;
    eg: Selecting Scrum Masters, Proxy PO, winning over reality...

    Workshops ( 60/ 90 min) (Might run either parallel or in series)
    Track 1: User story mapping
    Track 2: Scrum and the world of work

We shall hold an Open Space dedicated to Scrum for the first time in Pune. Attendees come to the opening session with issues or ideas they want to discuss and post them on a wall with a time to meet. These are then discussed by attendees who are interested during the Open Space. You can come with any topic (related to Scrum) of interes including Scrum to Lose Weight, How to Form Your Team, Tepid Retrospectives, large team stand-up Meetings, and Metrics that Work or trouble.

The Open Space belief is that:
Whoever comes are the right people
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened

The country’s most experienced coaches are at hand to facilitate the sessions so there is slightly more light than heat. Equally important, if attendees feel they were not contributing to or benefiting from a session, they are free to follow the “Law of Two Feet,” and moved on to another that is more relevant to their situation.

Srinivas Chillara assisted by

  • Srinivas Chillara
  • Vijay Wade
  • Sunil Roy
  • Vaishali Fulsundar